Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday in Tulsa

Last night we fell into bed around 1 am.  The boyz chose to crash earlier, in fact, I "missed" Prosper, and went looking for him...found him sound asleep in his opened crate.  On his Back, of course...He is, after all, a grandson of Anthony....

Woke up early to a bright sunny day, needing to pee, of course.....

I had shut my bathtub/toilet door before I retired (the boyz like to drink the essence of the toilet), and omigosh!  The dam door was LOCKED!!! 

NOT one to "think" early in the morning, especially before coffee and before peeing....So I did not think to get the magical paperclip to unlock the lock....

I had to Pee, yall!

My backside fits right in the bathroom sink.  Okay, so I Rinsed it out....Kleenex right there beside my makeup to finish the job....Later on, after a few more winks, the Magical Paperclip did its thang, and all doors are open wide. 

Beautiful day here in Tulsa!  Birds are going Crazy nest building and vying for the Best Real Estate.  Temp is warm.  Wind is, of course, blowing wildly about.  Hoping it will bring some rain with it today.

We are heading for breakfast.  The NC crew should arrive around noon. 

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