Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Bikeman and I raised two very wonderful daughters. Girls. Females. Pretty easy, actually. Well, if you don't count the drama and the shrill screams and incessant clothing addictions and the fact that they never took the garbage out or mowed the lawn....

But, basically, we did a Very Fine Job raising these girls. Of course, it does help to have Quality Goods to begin with, and God certainly did send us the cream of His crop. Probably knew our talents and patience were limited, so He sent us the Best.

We never had any sons in our life....until we were presented with the finest two men who were brave enough to share their lives (and their names) with our high maintainence daughters. These men are Saints! And the ONLY qualification needed for that high esteem is that they are willing to love our daughters with total abandon and amazing patience.

I kept asking them, before they committed to the institution of marriage....."Are you SURE you want to Deal with all This for 60+ years?"

And, for Some reason, they looked at Bikeman, grinned real big, and said they figgered if HE could do it, they were certainly able to do it as well (Did I mention that, well....sometimes these girls will remind you of their mother....).

Now, the very Best thing about these boys is the fact that they love our daughters. Unfailingly and with great loyalty and lots of admiration and plenty of humor (you gotta have that in order to stay alive around these Bailey wimmen). They treat them with delicacy and with kindness and yet are willing to stand their ground when the times arise. Strong men.  And brave!

However, beyond these amazing qualities, these guys are just plain wonderful. They are Godly, hardworking, intelligent, lovers of animals and children, and, oh, yeh....Quite Handsome.