Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visiting the Virginia Mountains

Let's see....we last visited right after I had arrived in Virginia......

Brenda and I spent the next few days visiting and enjoying the hillside at Manasses Creek (remember the Battle of Bull Run?) and drinking lots and lots of coffee together.  Her mountain is ablaze with color all around her log home.

Of course, we spent many hours grooming Collies as well. My three and her five. Yes! You read that right! Brenda has added a new puppy to her clutch of Collies.  A darling little sable and white boy, Julian.

Julian (or Jules as Brenda calls him) really likes his swimming pool. He likes to empty it and keep the deck saturated....His feet are always wet. I'm thinking that Brenda is in for the Ride of her Life! And, yes, I'm kinda envious...But not nearly as tired!

We re-braced his ears right before we left for Camp. Later on, I'll do a pictoral blog about how to brace Collie puppy ears. Brenda and I have tried many and various methods in search of the Ultimate Solution for ear-bracing. I'm thinking she is coming pretty close to the goal at this point! But that is yet another blog...after I get back to Oklahoma....

We packed our vans and painted them with graffiti telling the Whole World where we were headed. This is me early in the morning when we headed for Vermont.

And then there's James. There's always James.

Next stop....Brattleboro, Vermont!!

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Kathryn said...

Oh! I wanna come drink coffee on Brenda's porch! And what a cute puppy!