Monday, June 28, 2010

Aint Annie's Leashes

My father grew up in the Great Depression. When his friends' boots wore out, he would take the still-good leather tops, cut the leather round and round in a continuous piece of lace, then plait a 4-plait braid and make reins and harnesses for his horses. Several years ago, he taught me this craft, and I took it way further! My braiding is lots prettier than Pop's, and I added beads and wove the handles neatly back into themselves. MY source of leather came from purses I'd found at garage sales, upholstery samples, and, of course boot tops and even a leather coat or two. Later on, I bid on some kangaroo lace on ebay, and began plaiting show leads, gathering up even more pretty beads and embellishments.

Cowhide leads are $20,  usually 3-4 feet in length.

Kangaroo leads (see pictures below) are $1an inch, minimum 36 inches---making a 3 ft lead $36.
4 ft, $48, and so forth.
I'll pay the shipping.

You can order one of these by placing your info in the comments section, or, if you have my email address, then send me a message there.  These pictures can also be viewed on my
Facebook account. "Toni Jasper Bailey"


 The bead clusters begin about 10 inches up from the snap.

Here's a closeup of the beads.

And the beads, again.

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Emily P said...

Beautiful!!!! I like the PINK ones! You are an artist!