Thursday, June 10, 2010

Animal Communication Workshop in Vermont

Well, FIRST of all, this internet server is Slow. Slow as can be, but how can I even complain when we actually HAVE internet in the first place. Brenda has a really cool set-up that allows me to access her wireless card here at Camp, but, folks we are out in the boondocks of Vermont.....It's S. L.  O.   W.
(Wonder if Vermont actually does have boondocks.....)

I will post more about the AC workshop later on when I compile my notes. But I wanted to give you a quick overview so that you could get a picture of all the fun stuff that we have done and ARE doing.

Brenda drove up in her van with me to Vermont. She hung out in Brattleboro and shopped and slept in while I was Communicating With Animals. We stayed at the Westminster Motel in Westminster, Vermont. We had asked a friend to drive by and ck it out for us, and she enthusiastically told us that it was "lovely, and a wonderful taste of Old Vermont." Cool....A little motor lodge built in the 1940's...might have a lot more local color than the reliable Motel6. So I booked it. $75 a night.  About twice as much as Motel6, but Brenda and I agreed that it might be a nice "adventure" to stay in a vintage motel this time.

The owner is older than God. She did not take Visa or any other credit cards. Dogs were fine to stay for $5 extra matter how many. And, remember, we have EIGHT.....

The locks did not work. Really. We left the motel on Saturday, full of Brenda's dogs with prayers to keep out thieves.....

Here's Jules enjoying his very first stay in a motel. He actually did pretty good. The second night was better than the first......

Here's a shot I took of the bathroom sink plumbing repairs.   A candidate for the series of photos entitled "There, I Fixed It."

The seminar with Barbara Janelle was just wonderful. There were 14 people there who did not think I was weird....well....not TOO wierd, anyway.  We met in a large Agility training building because the Vermont weather was pretty capricious this weekend.

They  had a really nice gift shop next door and I bought a cool gentle leader-type halti for Prosper. The leash snap connects to the back of the neck instead of the muzzle. I think he likes it a little better. I also bought some canned venison tripe for later on in the week. Satisfies our requirement for organ meat while on the road.

I stopped here for some coffee and some beautiful wool yarn, made in New Hampshire. I chose a blue varigated and a butter yellow. I'll probably regret not having bought more once I get home.

And, so the seminar began at 9 am on Saturday. We ran until 5 pm that day, then resumed on Sunday until 4.

Here's Barbara Janelle.

We learned stuff until our heads were sore. The snacks were delicious, and the coffee and pop were never-ending. Dogs were crated in the circle all around us, content to lie and wait for our attentions and our need for reassurance.

And, of course, BayBay....Lying relaxed and content to be in the same room with Mom..........'

After the seminar on Saturday, Brenda and I headed out to a nearby pub where everyone was gathering.

 It is Directly across from Honey's house, so we stopped there to see her for a while.

Honey has a beautiful pup named Gallant.
She also has a pretty boy named Loyal.  They are such Nice Poodles!  I swear, they could almost convince someone to change breeds!

While at the seminar, Barbara demonstrated how to
"wrap" an ace bandage around a human. Mmmmmm.....I felt sooooo good.

Here it is on a doggie:


Kathryn said...

I would have liked the ace bandage...I like pressure...not light touch. Sometimes I wonder if I could still "swaddle" myself. You know like how people do with babies?? that! The pic of Baden lying next to you made me cry.

Diane K. Gibbons said...

Great pictures, Toni, and I so love your blog. ALL things are S-L-O-W here in New England, by the way, except for the thunderstorms!