Thursday, March 25, 2010


Showed in Open Blue Dogs today. Nothing. Nada. Not even a look.


Missy said...

Keep your chin up, you and your crew rock and you know that all ggod things come to those who wait and I will add work hard and that you do!

Rosemary George said...

Toni -- I have felt your pain on more than one occasion, usually when showing to collie "specialists," though looking at this guy's past judging record I can't for the life of me figure out what he is looking for.

Like Missy said, keep your chin up: you guys rock and you and Prosper will triumph another day....Remember how well you did last year in Springfield! And you learned a lot in Pomona, saw old friends and made new ones, and had fun.

If you read this note in time, please try to find John Kavanaugh of Kingsmark Collies before the end of the show. Mick's sire came from his kennel in AZ and he's such a nice man...been in collies since 1962 and has a wealth of knowledge to share which he is most generous would like him. Please tell him hello from me if you see him.

John told me this recently when I was brooding endlessly over being dumped badly by Mary Benedict when both Mick and I showed outstandingly well: "You're the one feeding Mick, so your opinion is the only one that matters."

I've loved reading your blog; I feel almost like I was along for the trip! Thanks very much!