Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day I Dunno in California (Thursday, Show Day)

The Collie Nationals is in full swing. Things are jumpin all over, fur is flying, wine is flowing, folks are networking. The building (which could house a couple of football fields, maybe more) is buzzing with excitement and hope. But here is a picture of it on Tuesday, when things were just beginning to get set up:

I drove the van up close and unloaded my stuff. I really WAS being careful, but when I dragged out the grooming box, a bottle of wine came with it, and landed on the pavement.  Looked rather like someone had bled out right there in the parking lot. What a shame and a waste! I thought about getting a straw and sucking up a few gulps before it ran out to the ocean, but, well, there WAS glass mixed in,,,,,

Palm trees Everywhere!!! The Fairgrounds are lovely and so well kept!

Here's Prosper in front of a Giant Sequoia tree "slice."

I set up at Barbara Cleek's grooming station area. Bless her! She was So generous to allow me to put my crates in there and my table, after I had made the "last minute" decision to attend the Nationals.

Of course, THIS grooming are gets visited a Lot, by a lot of interesting Colliefolk. Here's Anne Cross looking so cute in her pink vest with her rhinestone pin that says "Shadowmont Collies" on it, and of course, her "G.R.I.T.S." pin that all us Girls Raised in the South wear....

These line the boulevards....Dunno What they are, but they sure make me miss Rob....

On Wednesday (yesterday), I was fluffing and puffing the Liddle Wolf Cub, and got a call on my cell phone from Nancy at the Collie Health Foundation. They needed James to come down and lie on the Collie mats for sale, and drum up a little business. I took him down there and left him for about 2 hours. He was a great "ambassador," and ALL the mats sold. They will have to order more....

That's Tyler with James. Tyler was Amazed that James would obey him. He had Jamie going thru all his repotoire, and, for juicy cookies, James complied heartily.

Here's where Tyler is learning to shake hands....

Jon Provost was there! The little boy who played Timmy in the TV series, Lassie!!!  No kidding! He's just written a book (with the help of a nice lady), and I bought a couple, had him sign them. Of course, we also had to take a picture with OUR very own Lassie.....(or should I say Grey Dawn??)

I returned to the grooming station, and took Prosper out for a walk. Stopped by the ring, and, of course, Cubbie wants to get IN my lap. Someone stopped by and commented about how "cute" he was, and snapped a picture. He sure is a liddle clown...

Rather like his grandfather, Anthony....The regal and dignified Show Collie....

He's the Baby on the table, fluffing and puffing. He's kinda getting used to it, and doesn't twirl around as much.....But, as you know, his forte is to "meet and Greet," and that table business just doesn't allow such activity. 

Wednesday night was the Top Twenty. That's a showcase of the top 20 Collies (Rough and Smooth) in the nation. They each come out, one at a time, parading around the huge ring with spotlights and their own chosen music.

Before the gala, the CCA served a nice "nacho bar," and we sat in the bleachers to drink a glass of wine and enjoy the company. James came with me, and laid happily on the back step of the bleachers, then inched his way towords me as the pile of nacho chips was dwindling, and his chances of consuming a few were waning...Again, someone stopped and took a picture. Apparently, they had never seen a Collie balance himself, fore and aft, on the bleacher steps AND look very charming at the same time. James....He just somehow manages to "fill up a room." Even one which could house a couple of football fields...

I wasn't able to get many good shots of the Top Twenty, but here's one:

So much work and Time repesented here with these beautiful dogs. This is my Favorite Part of the week.

Brenda and Pat and I went to the host hotel resturant to join some others while they ate something more substatantial than nachos, and I got to meet Danny, the chief ring steward. SUCH a nice guy, very personable and cute hair. We talked about last year's devastating fires and also the day's events and nervousness in the ready ring...I told him I would be there tomorrow, and look forward to seeing his smiling face.

And speaking of faces, now it is Time to trim up that liddle Cubbie's face. Nancy McDonald was SO generous with her time and talents....I learned SO much regarding head trims and also how and what to do when in the ring.

We just might have a Show Dawg on our hands!!! We show sometime today around noon PST. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


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Emily P said...

I love the shot of you and Jim on the bleachers. I love love love the way he looks at you. To have such a man gaze into your eyes with complete abandon... and to know that he owns you..... what a bond. Love you momma!