Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Collie Nationalsb 2012

Here's a post from my new iPad. DH Bikeman got it for me last week. Said I would need it in my upcoming travels north. So here goes---we'll see if it is easy to do...

At any rate, it will not be a waste of money.....playing the game "Water?" is SO much fun on the bigger screen.

I'm here. I'm here in Pennsylvania at the 2012 Collie National Specialty.

Set up day was today. We've got our grooming areas set up and looking SO cool. Brenda ordered ex-pen covers with our logos to match last year's banners. They are just about beyond elegant!

Tomorrow Prosper is entered in Rally Excellent. Thurs we're gonna finish up his Novice. Obedience.

Since we have only been working on Dancing for the past six mos, the next two days should be Quite Entertaining. I'll take pictures tomorrow on this new gadget and post em here.

Dawgs are spread out on the floor like cheap pieces if carpet.

In the meantime, I'm gonna see if I can achieve another level of "Water?". Then maybe read a few chapters if the Hunger Games....More tomorrow.


Emily P said...

we are expecting pictures you know!

Emily P said...

We are expecting pictures you know!