Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something ELSE to Worry About

Today the boyz and I walked to the Gun Shop. Well, actually, I walked the two "fast cars" as Rob calls them....James and Prosper. We are "practicing" team-walking because, well, CAMP is coming up in little more than a week!!!

If you wanna know WHY I was walking to the Gun Shop, you'll have to go to the end of this post, because the Gun Shop has nothing to do with the story....

I decided to take the path alongside the creek because it is a bit shorter, and the sidewalks and asphalt can get pretty hot on liddle Collie feet here in the hot summer. And it is summer.  90 degrees here all week. Curious that there is no "degree" sign on the keyboard anymore...

We were walking as a Team just fine. In fact, I was beginning to wonder what had happened to my Liddle Wolf Cubbie....Someone musta stolen him and replaced him with this nice heeling, no peeing-every-step Collie....

Allofasudden, I heard my ankle POP! and I was skidding flat on the ground! (now, before you scroll all the way down to see if Everything's All Right, I will tell you now that I am FINE and everything's all right and no one is hurt).

SOMEhow, my left foot had "found" a hole hidden in the grass, and that is what caused my fall. As I was sitting, sprawled on the ground, Prosper came and sat down backwards on my lap. Literally pinned me there until I regained my composure, realized that I had NOT injured anything, and was able to arise and walk again.

What a Close Call!  CAMP was looming in the distance, and all I could think about was, well, HOW I was gonna get there with an injured foot. What if! What IF! WHAT IF????!!!! SO many factors that could line up to keep me from trekking to Vermont!  It was a painful Reminder that Life can change your plans in a heartbeat.
All our planning and making ready could be for naught in the "Grand Scheme of Things" (DH Rob's phrase), so the Delight must also (and Always) be in the planning and making ready. "In the Moment," so to speak..

A Lesson that I have learned, and I thought learned Well, but, I suppose we Always need a reminder when we get too focused. And MAN! I guess I AM a bit over-focused---wanting to get Everything Right and packed in "just so." Go to CAMP with me sometime, and you will understand.....It is something that you do not want to miss...

Gun Shop duties done, walking home thru the Felts Park and wading a bit in the creek. Even letting the pup off leash in places. SOMEone please Tell me where has my naughty liddle boy gone??

Back to walking on the sidewalk and heading home, wet and tired Collies in tow, I spied a piece of wood with nails sticking up, ready to puncture a sweet paw prancing along so happily. I quickly steered Prosper away from the offender, and we walked on, he completely unaware of my protection and guarding of his well-being.

It was then that I realized that this is a Bit like what God does with us everyday.

    If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter,
    No evil will conquer you;
    no plague will come near your dwelling.
    For He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go.
    They will hold you with their hands to keep you from striking your foot on a stone.   Psalm 91

Sometimes, probably MOST times. we are steered away from Danger and don't even Know it.
So I will not Worry about the "things" that "could" happen to trip me up. I'll pray a lot. And I will keep my eyes upon Him.  And I will be ever grateful for the angels guarding my path. And remember that the Journey is half the fun of Getting There....

Oh, yeh... WHY did I go to the Gun Shop? To get my scissors sharpened, Silly!

Now....Where did I put that paint stuff for our Dorm Tee Shirts?.....

Peace.....Dog....Happy Valley.....


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