Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Journey Northward....Leaving, the most Difficult part....

Leaving Home is hard for me. Very Difficult. Separating myself from my Dearest One geographically is difficult. And so, even tho I have been looking forward with Great Joy since Last June, soon as Camp was over, leaving Home is hard for me.

Rob took multiple photos of the van packed to the gills and insisted that I dry my tears and load up and drive.

His encouragement in the pursuit of my dreams is something that I cannot even describe. No words for it. I can only state how grateful I am to have someone who believes I can do anything.

Sometimes when HE believes it, it empowers ME to believe it and jump in the van and GO.....

I love driving Arkansas Hwy 59. It is curvy and twisty, but then so is every highway going in or out of Tahlequah. Hwy 59, however, gives one new vistas at every twist and turn. Each season brings with it new and glorious revelations in the forests that line the road.

Only about 50 miles from our home is a place called Natural Dam, Arkansas. It is a tiny little community or "populated place" about 30 miles north of Van Buren, Arkansas and I-40. Every time I stop there, depending on the amount of rain they have had, the natural dam looks different.

Here's the 3 boyz staying quite nicely while Mom snapped away.

The wildflowers along the way were Magnificent! The Queen Anne's Lace was in full glory, and waving, how it does, so gently in the wind.

I am always reminded of my sister when I see these wildflowers. They are her favorite.....Commonly called "Wild Carrot," their roots grow deep into the rocky soil. They withstand drought and hot weather with ease.

Little Rock is only about 4 or 5 hours from our house, give or take a potty break or, of course, a stop at Hobby Lobby in Conway. I found several treasures there, and somehow found room in my already-stuffed van for the additions.

I arrived at the Penderosa, let the boyz out to pee, sequestered them in the house, and took off to the elementary school. It was the endoftheyear party, and classes were full to overflowing with delicious snacks and treats. Bailey Rose was quite surprised to see GrandTone appear in her classroom.
And Isaac was quick to show me how fast he can shinny up the fire pole....
A quick re-group at the house, and by 5 pm, we were heading to the church for the Brownie Fly-up and Bridging ceremony.

Some of the very cutest liddle Brownie Girl Scouts I do believe I've ever seen.

I had them all sitting here whilst the leaders made last minute preparations. We learned a few songs, I told a few tales about their leader, Mrs. Emily, and they recounted their favorite Brownie activities to date. Don't they just look like a gathering of little birds ready to launch and fly!

Here's a few pictures of MY favorite Girl Scout Leader.....

I always love the candle-lighting ceremony. These signify the Ten Girl Scout Laws.

And here we are....The third generation of Junior Girl Scouts....

Semi-toothless and maturing quicker than the eyes can behold.  Oh, yeh...I made the heart necklace. She hasn't taken it off since I gave it to her.  Rose quartz and citrine and moonstone.

After the pins were pinned on and the fly-up wings presented, the parents and families all departed leaving us with seven new Juniors until 8 am the next morning. Emily had wonderful activities for each girl to experience, and, of course, everyone wanted to see me dance with the Collies.

And the boyz were More than willing to dance with the Girl Scouts, once they realized what pepperoni pizza
tasted like.

It was actually pretty amazing at all that the girls and the dogs could do, especially given the various distractions and multiple commands. It was a fun lesson in training, both for the girls and for me!

Bedtime was around 11:30. The girls were ready to sleep after several scary stories, silly songs, and even a lullaby or two. I had forgotten what it felt like to spend an entire night sleeping with my glasses on and in a sleeping bag on the hard floor.....Dog Camp will seem like no challenge at all after this!

Heading further East tomorrow. Should arrive at Brenda's in Northern Virginia sometime Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Toni what joy i felt reading this. Bailey Rose is beautiful and seeing the bright faces on this next generation brings me hope. Seeing the dogs dancing with them of course just gave me pure happiness. you are a light in the world. Nan Marks sally and robbie--see you soon!