Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Friday. Is the Biopsy Report In?

Sunnybank, 2012

Yes.  Yes it is.  And it is Good and it is notsogood.....

I thought he would live forever.  Some days I wanted to kill him.  Some times I thought he would kill me.  Most days were roller coaster rides with James on the front seat, barking, "Faster! FASTER!"

I hung on for dear life, learning skills I did not know were within me. 

He's never done anything slowly. He has barreled thru Life, calling all of it "his due," and making us stop and take notice of his 

Incredible  Magnificence 

(his words, not mine)......

And we have.  We All have.  

Never a Champion in the Breed Ring.  Never a    High in Trial in the Obedience, Rally, or Agility Rings. 

But allow him to make his own way, write his own script, choreograph his own dance......and there you have an Incredibly Magnificent Collie.

Perhaps that is what he came here to teach me...

Choose your Path.  Don't be stiff.  Don't even be brave.  Just expect your Public to love you and be thrilled you are in their midst. Bark at thunder.  Allow children to put their tiaras on your head.  Rush up to people in wheelchairs.  Trade valuable objects for a taste of food.  And dance!  Dance because you know they want to see you dance. 

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