Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Moral Issue

Digging in my east garden yesterday. Planting some lavender and sage that a friend gave to me.  Oh, and some "society garlic." 

I love this garden.  Used to be full shade until my neighbor's 100+yr-old tree fell across the fence and had to be cut completely down.

Now the garden is full sun.  Some of the plants, well, most of the plants, are stressing from the full sun since the tree fell.

Now I am trying to replace some of them with plants that will tolerate the heat and the burning sun.

I overturned a ceramic pot, and this is what I saw:


Black Widow spider, right?  Poisonous, right?  Could possibly ruin my day/weekend/life if I came upon her, and she got scared, right?
Prolly should kill her and put me out of my misery.....right?
I turned the pot back over, and will strive to remember where she is from now on....
Yes, it was a moral delimma to me....and the spider won....

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