Saturday, July 23, 2011

4th of July in Oklahoma City

Sooooo....What did we do over the 4th of July weekend?  Why, a dawgshow, of course!  One of the biggest in the state!  Ah, but...There were only 2 Collies entered (I guess it's just toooo hot for those rough coats AND perhaps the pro handlers wanna spend some time with their families or at least take the day off for this midsummer holiday.
Well, Cubbie was the only "class" dog (which means he was the only dog in the "unfinished Champion class), so, of course, we took Winners Dog. THEN we went in with the "special" who is the litter sister to this beautiful bitch

Here we are getting ready to go into the big room with the show ring.

Waiting is a major part of any dog show....Prosper needs to be able to DO something......

He did quite well in the Breed Ring...however, there's not many judges who will put up a Class Dog over a Special (a Finished Champion), especially when there's only TWO in the competition....But it was good Ring Experience.

The MAIN reason we were in OKCity was because our local Freestyle club the Canine Twisters was asked to come dance some Freestyle demos between the Group judging.  The theme was "Sailing Away," so we all chose those themes for our music.  I got out my South Pacific tunes last month, and decided on "I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy" for James and "Honey Bun" for Prosper.  No videos of those one-minute performances, but suffice it to say, they were ON!  Really ON! These guys Love to dance, and are so comfortable with an audience. 

Now, if you remember the South Pacific production, you will recall that "Honey Bun" is danced w/the girl dressed as a sailor, the sailor dressed as a "girl" w/hula skirt and coconut...uh...okay...coconut boobs...Prosper had NO Problem wearing that costume, tho one could barely see the want to volunteer to come with me and shoot away?!!!

On Saturday, our times to dance were longer,because ESPN was there to film it. The request came about for James and me to dance to our "Why Did I Choose You?" routine.   He was just wonderful!  And, as you can see from the video, he entered the ring like he OWNed it. 

The video was taken by a person that I had Just Met!  I just gave her my camera and asked to to "shoot away!" 

 The following still shots were taken by my friend Linda Earley 
( here's her facebook site:!/profile.php?id=725994843  ).
She lives in Edmond, OK, and follows us Freestylers whenever we are in her "neighborhood."  

Dunno if I put them in "order," but you kinda get the feeling of the joy and the bond here....The song, by Barbara Streisand, starts out, "Why did I choose you?  What could you offer me? I saw the heart you hide so well. I saw a Quiet man (James woofs!), who had a Gentle way (he pops up on back of me), a way that caught me in its glowing spell...."  Well, you kinda get the picture.  And while we are dancing, all the wonderful memories of our life together come cascading down upon me, and it only made it better....

ALL the "ifs" in our lives....What IF I had not chosen this puppy out of This litter....How very Very sad I was a year later that I HAD chosen him, because his eye checks were horrible....What a rollercoaster ride of dominance and strong wills and stubborn hearts....And what a magnificent creature to be able to house within my walls....Ah, well, I could write until dark about this Collie, but I will spare you the sap and goo....Here's the pictures....

Oh, yes.....If I had to choose again....Yes, I would still, Always, FOREVER....choose James...

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Great pics and I'm watching the video, fun! :)