Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Three years ago last month, he wove his way into my heart and claimed me as his very own.  The pup who has never met a stranger, happily greeting anyone who comes his way, still has an innate need to check in with me and remind himself that he is Totally and Forever mine.

I truly do not believe that I deserve a love this strong and pure....But it is a gift, and Mom always said to graciously and humbly Take the Gift....So, it is mine, and because of it, I have grown and learned and experienced a dog like none other.

The Standard for the Collie includes a major portion devoted to "expression."  It is the subject discussed by the Best of Colliefolk, and its interpretation is as vast as there are Colliefolk....But the main component in a Collie face is summed up in the Expression.  And, even tho he has entertained us with his silly antics and eternal puppyhood, SOMEtimes, through that dorky little face I am beginning to see traces of wisdom and even a bit of elegance.

Man, it has taken a Long Time!

He's actually learning how to pay attention, how to respond gently, and how to receive guests without jumping up. Why, we have even completed a visit to PetSmart without peeing in the store.

Next month he will qualify for his second "leg" in AKC Rally Obedience. Off leash.... "No net" as Bikeman calls it. In March we will dance in the upper level at a World Canine Freestyle event. April finds us at the Collie Nationals and completing that Rally title.  May is an Animal Communication workshop in New Hampshire. And, of course, June is CampGoneToTheDogs.

In the meantime, we still take time to do a few therapy visits....

This is my "kennel help" who assists me when we load up the van at the Retirement Center.  The boyz do whatever he tells them to. And the Wolf Cubbie doesn't jump up....I'm thinking that he might be a pretty good ambassador for the breed....Dorky smile and all....

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