Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Well, even tho my Happy Birthday isn't until next week, my present came early!!! I don't think I would have been more pleased if I had been given a brand new van!!! Thank you SO much, Rob Bailey, for KNOWing me and knowing what I love. But you DID spend more than the allotted, customary $20.

If you go to this site you will see ALL of the products that these folks have to offer. It is a TOTALLY portable set of Obedience Jumps that ALL fold nicely up into this little bag.

I set the jumps up int the livingroom (couldn't Wait till tomorrow, and it is dark and cold outside). Prosper immediately jumped over it.

This is the "bar jump." As you can see, the bar is adjustable to 40 inches (I'm guessing for Schutzhund work?). My boyz jump 24, but to introduce this jump I lowered it a bit. Doesn't seem to be a problem with a 65# breezing over it. The "towers" didn't ever wobble.

The Broad jumps have collapsable poles inserted in them. There are 4 of them. When I had them all "sprung out" and the poles put in them, I discovered that they actually "nest" inside each other, for easy portability even if they are not completely broken down. WOW!

Here's my teenager trying them out. Baden is pushing 13 this year.

Even Eddy Mercyx the cat liked the bar jumps. He ain't rite, but we keep him anyway. He fits right in to our household.....

Thanks, again, Dear Rob, for wanting this for me. Fifty eight years old, and getting dawg toys for a present! THESE children think I'm normal.....

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Beth said...

Toni, you're so nifty! Happy Birthday to you, a little bit early. And enjoy your fun new things for playing together with your doggies.