Monday, May 25, 2009

Musings.....Just Musings......

I look at myself a lot and smile at me.....Sometimes I can even kinda "see" me....Like I am someone for me to observe....This woman who finds a tiny snail shell and treasures it, putting it in a safe place on the windowsill. This woman who rejoices over the robin's blue egg shells left on the lawn. Who sees bird poop on the driveway, and "knows" to look UP---thereby finding a nest in the tree above. Who delights in every surface of every rock she has ever held. Who walks across a lawn of dandelions and sees the brightest color yellow ever created. Who smells mud and muck from the pond and counts it delicious. Worms thrill her heart! Possums delight her soul. She's a very, very curious woman, indeed. And SO very beloved! A truly rich woman.

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