Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Walking for my Health ????

2 weeks ago I broke my wrist. Walking for my Health, and just plain fell. Fell walking (fast) downhill on concrete. When I "gathered myself," I knew immediately that I was not okay. My left wrist looked like the letter S, and my chin and forearm looked like bacon.

Ten titanium screws and a plate later, and I was home with a red cast and very potent pain pills. It took me several days to actually get on top of the pain, but by the following week I was on my way to the Girl Scout National Convention in Indianapolis.

Of course, when "things" happen to me, I am always asking The Planet what it is that I should Learn from this experience---learn it quick! and then the "pain and suffering" should pass and one should not have to relearn it....Here are a few things that I have learned from this:

I am NOT a fighter. I'm Not. At least not for myself. I think I will just curl up and let the world go on without me....I'm just not willing...If anyone else is needing someone to fight for them, I'll be first in line to champion your cause.
I would rather tolerate the pain than take the meds to get rid of it. At least the dull, once-you-are-home-from-the-hospital-type pain.

And Sleep is good. Sometimes I'd like to just sleep thru the pain--then wake up Well and healed!

Buttoning my jeans will never be taken for granted again!

Cards in the mail are a blessing. So are folks who offer to take care of your orphan kittens while you are recuperating.

Walking outside and scooping dog poop can be a great healing action. Being OUTside at any time is healing.

Your right forefinger fits Exactly into your right nostril. Same thang for the left. Are you going here with me on this? Picking your left nose with your right finger is just all wrong and clumsy. Doesn't fit, is not effective. Never gonna take That for granted again, either.

Thumbs UP! is a very important gesture! My left one won't go up---yet. I'll work on the range of motion this week, knitting, typing, braiding leashes, then get back to ya.

And, finally I have discovered that exercise really IS necessary for good health and keeping your weight down. I haven't walked any great distance in 2 wks, and it is beginning to show on my body. Just walk upright, that's the key.....

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